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ROLL CALL!…A few interesting blogs I’ve come across, some made by friends, some I just like:

NEW EDITION! GET A LIFE!  Want a taste of some incredible work that is going on in Nepal through INF? Check out this new blog that allows aid workers and those receiving help to capture in their own words what happens in their less than ordinary lives! Be encouraged. Be inspired. Go out and make a difference.

Dole-ing out the truth behind the Job Centre Ariel from Georgia, US, details her experiences of job hunting after she was made redundant. My life on the Dole follows Ariel as she survives the dark dole days! An entertaining and heartfelt easy read!

 Ever wondered what it’s like to live in Kenya? Working with CLEAR International in Kisumi Stu Nevin is a legal intern spending eight months there. Follow stuart in kenya  via his blog and video diary!

A Window to my world A blog similar to this one, following Natalie and her journey through the world with God. Get in on the craziness, peek through the glass and draw smilies on the windows of her life!

  Fed up with School lunch? Totally unrelated to my blog but I tripped over this one whilst walking in the corridors of Yahoo. Check out this insane but inspiring teacher who is eating school meals everyday in 2010 to raise awareness about the rubbish kids are being served for lunch.

Something Crazy anyone? Looking for a fresh perspective on the classic Bible characters or the life of a Christian? This is the site.

RUNNING FROM ZOMBIES My awesome housemates running blog. Read up on where she’s planning to run next, get some hints and tips and sponsor her whilst screaming RUN GINGELL RUN!


Goodness gracious great Wheels on Fire! Follow  Ally as he trains for Gold, wheel chair racing at the paralympics.


Bored with my blog? Check out Christian dancer and purple skittle Lauren! Similar to this blog, you can look through her musings on life, ask questions, get prayer and read about the winding road of life in general.

 Travelling this summer? Lauren Sugden is! Follow this inspiring Christian as she flies to America in June to work as an archery leader with Camp America.


Fancy a giggle? Cake or Death! Check out this blog from Alex Baker, some clever cartoons that he publishes in The Baptist Times. Well worth a gander and a giggle at.

 Check out this account of Matt a Physiotherapist working in Nigeria, take a behind the scenes look at the high’s and lows of mission. An inspirational diary of a guy who followed his heart to a new country to serve the God he loves. 

Scribbleboy! Got a second?! Track the successes and failures of

vice_photo_book Sentinel Journalist, and my former housemate Scribbs as he attempts to improve his life by completing challenges suggested by readers.


Useful and interesting Websites that I’ve stumbled across during my travels!

INF – – My current employers, check out their amazing new website and catch a glimpse of the work being done in some of the poorest districts on earth!

 BMSWorldMission – – My seconding mission team! BMSWorldMission is where my journey began in 2006! A fantastic team who send people all over the world as well as working in the UK. If you’re looking for a sending organisation, they are a 5 star charity!

Staffordshire University Christian Union  –  – A mission team, part of an amazing mission field! With 10,000 students as their congregation this lot love getting out and about in the student world. They also form an invaluable part of my support network.  



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  1. November 18, 2009 2:30 am

    If you’re interested, check out I’d love to be added to your blog roll.


    • Claire permalink*
      November 18, 2009 3:25 am

      GGF would LOVE to be on your blog roll too .. we’ll check you out and you can check us out and then i’ll add ya when i’ve done that!

      Have a superb day!

  2. November 19, 2009 12:47 am

    Sounds Great!


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