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Parking ticket – Kids Talk

May 8, 2011

Who Knows what this is?

That’s right, it’s a parking ticket. On Friday I went up the city, parked the car paid and displayed and when I got back I had this big yellow ticket on my windscreen. What had happened? Well whilst I had been hanging out in Costa working on some planning and other youth work stuff, sipping my lovely iced tea and writing down ideas. My naughty pay and display ticket had slipped off the dashboard.

The ticket man came along after my pay and display ticket had fallen off the dashboard and looked into my car to check the ticket. He couldn’t see it. He thought I hadn’t paid to park, he thought I had broken the rules. So he wrote me a special ticket of his own for £25.

I got taught a big lesson on Friday, when you break the rules, even when you don’t mean to, sometimes there are big consequences.There are some rules in the Bible that God gives us called the 10 commandments. They are in the second book of the Bible called Exodus.

You know how I love quizzes!Well We’re going to see this morning (just for fun) how many of these commandments you can remember.

First of all I need two lovely volunteers to hold up this no expense spared washing line for me so that we can peg the correct answers on the line.

– 10 commandments – And so I asked the congregation to fill in the 10 commandments for me..-

Did you know something, it says in the Bible that there is only one way to heaven, in fact I have discovered there are two. Now we all know the first way – we get to heaven through Jesus whose sacrifice on the cross paid for all of our sins.But wait a minute, what if we didn’t sin!

Let’s have a look at these commandments, some of them seem a lot easier to keep than others don’t they. I mean I’m not about to go out and kill someone, that’s one commandment kept yes? I don’t think I’ve ever stolen anything, that’s two hmm wait a minute, I’ve lied before, and I’ve not been a very good daughter sometimes.

You know something, if we kept faithfully each and every single one of the commandments that God gives us right from birth until we went to heaven then we could go to heaven. We’d be perfect, blameless, without sin.But you know something else, keeping every single one of these commandments has only ever been done by one person.

That’s Jesus.Sometimes we don’t think when we’re breaking these commandments, sometimes we don’t even realise we’ve broken one. What happens when we break a commandment, well just like me getting that parking ticket our sin has a consequence.If we lived the perfect life and kept all of these commandments our tie, this washing line that connects us to God would remain un broken. But what happens when we break one of these rules.

The sin that we create cuts off our connection with God. But you know what, the story doesn’t end there. What’s the solution, once the tie is broken we can’t fit it back together again, we cant restore our connection with God on our own.

That’s where Jesus comes in. It says in the Bible that the punishment for sin is death. Jesus did something amazing on the cross. Instead of us having to die for the sins that we commit. Jesus stepped into our place and washed our sins away.

He picked up the pieces and held them together so that we could still be connected to God.

So for us, it’s true, there is only one way to God and that’s through Jesus.

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