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May 7, 2011

I must admit I’ve never blogged about Twitter before. When it first hit the tinterweb waves I thought it was a bit of a random site. I mean, why would anyone use Twitter when Facebook seemed to do exactly what Twitter does with all the extra bells and whistles…

Twittwe vs Facebook

Despite this I joined  – under the influence of positive peer pressure –  and since then it’s grown on me.

I’ve gradually got the hang of re-tweeting, replying, #followfridays and the clever little world of the #hashtag – I seem to be in a never ending catch up with everyone else who seems to know all this good stuff already.

So last week when a new initiative called #LoveMonday started up I was super excited to be going along with something new.

What’s #LoveMonday?

The idea is simple:  Send 3 people (or more!) a quick word of encouragement – on a Monday =)

On reading the tweeted idea I thought it was great! Three tweets later and I’d #lovedmonday good and proper. Off I went into the day feeling a little bit happy that I’d shared some encouragement with others.

Getting back to my computer later I logged in to find that I’d been #LoveMonday-ed too!


I Felt the love! It was awesome.. I’m joining in next week to share the love with other people, in the hope that I can encourage them, make them smile and get them to pay the love forward.


Want to know more?

Check out this  guy’s website,

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