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What are you worth?

April 10, 2011

I am back! I can’t promise that it’s for good but I can post a little post here for you to look at.

Today I had a kids talk to deliver, it’s a time old classic called what are you worth. Here’s how it went in my head… technology fail had other ideas at the event but here’s the way I’d love you to see it  =)


Last time I did a children’s talk I got a bit sciency, (I cracked open a bottle of photo fixing solution and used it to demo how Jesus washed away our sins =)  )

Well this time I’ve been thinking about the body and what we are all made up of. In the first book of the Bible – Genesis it says that God made man from the dust of the earth. So we were made from all of the things that can be found on the planet.

How cool is that.. we contain some of the same things that can be found in some very normal household items.

You know you get a label on the back of packets saying what ingredients are in a product, well some scientists were checking out the human body and they reckon if we had a label it’d be something like this:

We have enough carbon in us to make the middles of 9000 pencils!

We contain enough phosphorus – the red bit on a match- to make 2,200 match heads

Enough fat to make 7 bars of soap – some of us could make a little more soap:P

Enough water f0r 22.5 bottles of water, that’s the equivalent of 90 cans of coke.

And enough Iron to make just 1 2 inch nail.

So how much does all this stuff cost? How much are we really worth?

I was working all this out yesterday, trying to figure out the grand total..

How much do you think you’re worth?


You’re actually physically worth £1302.72

But is that really all we’re worth?

I think if we asked some parents here they’d say that their children are worth a little bit more than that, however naughty they are!

We know that if we took all of these things, the nails, the matches, the water, the fat and the pencils we cannot create life. But God is so amazing and so powerful he gave us the gift of life and to him we are worth so much more than the material things we are made of.

We are worth so much more than this. When Jesus went to the cross he didn’t get out his cheque book and start writing out amounts of £1,302.76 for each of us.

Jesus looked at us and saw how precious we were to God and did something amazing. He paid for us, not with money but with the most precious thing he owned. His own life.

For God so loved the world, he so loved us, that he gave his only son, so that we would not die but he would die in our place, giving us eternal life with God.


Don’t forget you’re worth so much more! You are priceless!


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