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Family fun and messy play!

February 26, 2011

Today was a pretty great day! It was one of our church’s family fun afternoons that are slowly becoming more frequent, I am becoming the person that gets put in the corner with a pot/bucket of paint and some paper and we see what happens. Although many would hate this super messy play I seriously have to admit I love it!

There’s no better way to interact with a young child than providing them with a fun outlet to express themselves whilst doing something they wouldn’t generally get to do at home.

Today was Welly painting! Take one pair of wellies – apply to child.  Add several buckets of different coloured paints a giant 5ft cardboard cross  and a massive sheet of plastic to protect the floor and watch whilst a Picasso style master piece is created with little feet!

The fun afternoon theme today was journey’s and our painting was connected with our journey with Jesus (that’s why we were painting a big cross). I’ve since gone back to church laminated it and put it in the hallway as a feature in the entrance way, it’ll be a nice surprise for Sunday morning.

It was adorable to see one little girl just stand in the middle of the cross and giggle as she began to make footprints on the paper. ‘Let the little children come to me,’ says Jesus, and here they were, stomping, dancing, giggling and slip sliding across the paper.. I’m tempted to say slip sliding into Jesus’ heart, but I know that they’re already there

There was so much more than painting going on at church today, we had lego car making, pingpong ball racing, playdough creating, packed lunch making, remote control car racing, mario karting, air hockey gaming, car cake creations, treasure island, facepainting…. and so much more.

It was great that the family fun day was a two fold thing, firstly it brought families into the church to have fun. Secondly it gave the church as a family a chance to work together into making a really special day.

The greatest thing, God was in it all =)

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