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Kinny does Durban!

July 25, 2009
In my first GinjaBlogCam video I mentioned Kinny and his trip to Uganda. Well he’s been and come back and I’ve stolen his testimony for you guys to read.
Kinny in Durban!
Kinny felt called to mission at a Soul Survivor event a couple of years ago. He felt challenged year on year at soul survivor events to pursue a mission based project and last year he decided to take on this challenge. This month he traveled to Uganda as part of a two week action team organised by Soul Survivor.
Soul in the City Durban 09 truly changed his life and the following is the testimony he has written to explain how.
Read, be inspired and think about mission!

This trip can be summed up in two words; “life changing”

A lot of people have said that; those that have served in many sorts of ways. Some  serving very close and some very far away.In the past two weeks I have felt God working not just in western countries but in fact more fiercely with the less fortunate, the least and the lost.
I asked myself why is that so? Then I found out. I’m wrong…in so many ways.
Kinny asked himself, ‘Why isn’t God working in certain countries?’

One – It’s not that He’s not working fiercely in certain countries. He just does it in so many ways that we can’t begin to imagine or feel it.

Two – It’s not him that’s not working fiercely for our reunion with him. But ourselves blinded by the lives we lead.
The people I have served with and the children I have seen had nothing. They depended on our all mighty God for everything; and that is what’s important at the end of the day.
So why was this life changing for me?
Was it the fact I had to wake up really early and spending the day working in a township?
Was it painting a school or the orphan crèche?
Was it that there was no phone connection or internet?
Was it worship & spiritual hype?
No, is my firm Answer.
It’s not by me or us that we change, it’s by God. God has shown me so much these past weeks that he’s shattered alot of my life and expectations and totally remodeled them.I wish I could share all my thoughts; but here is a few of just many:

On the first few days in Durban my heart was shattered over and over again. God was slowly breaking me down for a purpose I’d find out later.

First we went to visit the churches we were to serve with, one of the schools we were to paint, a nursery & the site where the holiday club would be. It started to sink in how things were there, the tension in the air; and just how things were. When it can’t get any heavier, we visited the orphan crèche at one of the churches. Those beautiful and innocent children…their parents that just left them; we were told the heart-breaking stories of how they got there.As the week progressed without me realising it God was reshaping me. Not until the second day of the holiday club could I see God’s amazing work in this place. After a chaotic first day; I was left asking God “Why?” bad mistake.
God answered me before I could finish my questions. I understood, I caught a glimpse of his pain for this world. And how much he loves them and wants to help them, we are his tools. Now I fully understand why he wanted us to go to serve in Uganda. Not for us. Not for our own fame or simply a good time. Serving is not a holiday, serving is to glorify God, serving is about being God’s tools of healing and ministry.Over the holiday club; I’ve learnt to deal with a lot of real life situations and how to use the skills God has generously given to me. Like the parable of talents, the Master gave generously to his servants according to his skills.
I’ve learnt a lot from thefive short days in the I spent with those kids. I learned how to care, love and serve them. I thought I always had a good idea on how to step into people’s shoes and see their views. But this week I’ve learnt that I could have done  better.  Overall I had a large learning curve both spiritually and physically.

my lovely group! it’s lunch time!

It brings me to think on how I felt about how loved and privilege we are in this country. I always take for granted  a lot of things in my life. I knew about a lot of poverty in other countries but never really understood how bad it was.

I could only imagine and see pictures from TV. But I’d never experienced how bad it was. After all a picture can only tell u so much. In the end I have learnt a good lesson about my own life as well; and brought back new views on how I should live this life. And how to live it with God’s purpose in mind and in a godly way as well.
Kinny leaves us with one question…
How can we serve if we don’t set ourselves as examples to this world?

There is so much more I want to say. There is so much more I want to share with you,  about the kids I’ve met, how God spoke to me during the days there in worship times.

To wrap it up a few things I’ve heard from sermons this last two weeks that stood out more then others:
There was a man who had a vision from God. He was very depressedthat people couldn’t see God’s love and his mercy. (To us Christians we find it easier to see the Lord’s mercy). The vision showed a giant honey comb in the sky; the honey drips onto the earth and lands on people. There were two types of people; ones that thinks is disgusting and tries to wipe it off them and those who couldn’t get enough of it, they loved it and were dancing in it, playing with it, eating it. Which one are we today? Can we see how God take cares of us? A home, food on the table, clothes?

A shepherd to his flocks; is not the leader but rather the servant to the flock. He’s there to look after them and make sure they don’t get lost or hurt. In a sense we are all shepherds to each other; the foundation of the church is our love for one another. To care, guide & listen to one another. Even if it means admitting you are wrong.

Lastly, what do you class yourself as? White? Black? Asian? Mixed? As Christians we all bleed the same blood; we bleed Jesus Christ blood. We are all part of the Great body of Christ. There is no difference, the only race we all belong to; is the race of Christians – God’s People. The body is as one and should live in harmony together; one supporting another and working as one. This Trip to me is truly “Life Changing”
God Bless you all

A shot of the holiday club
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  1. judy permalink
    July 26, 2009 7:37 am

    Kinny….I am moved to tears reading this. you have put into words that which I have felt but not been able to put into words. Mission is life changing. Your amazing and I pray that you will never loose the love in your heart for the people you have met and the work you have started….. You understand now!! Kinny you understand … Once a place gets into your sole , once you have stept out of the comfort zone and truly trusted God , your life is never the same…. and you don’t somehow want it to be as it was…. Bless you Kinny Love you Motherbear 🙂

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